Anchor Type S-16 S-20 S-25 H-32/14 H-32/15
Nominal Diameter (mm) 16 20 25 32 32
Torque(N-m) > 45 80 120 220 150
Ultimate Load (kN) > 110 210 360 360 350
Type of Anchor Solid Solid Solid Hallow Hallow-Self Drilling


  • Slope Stability of any type of soils
  • Stabilization of elevated roads in extreme environments.
  • Repair of existing foundations
  • Wire netting and cable netting
  • Being a no electrical conductivity, most suitable in structures highly susceptible to corrosion and magnetic fields.


  • Continuous thread allows the bar cut or extension by couplers at any length of the bar
  • Being a light weight (1/4th weight of steel rebar), installation is easier by men.
  • High corrosion resistance, no need of corrosion protection.
  • Creates a much higher shear resistance in the soil and concrete than the steel bar of same cross section.
  • The hallow bar anchor acts like concrete vibrator during the drilling and grouting process and consequently results in a homogeneous and compacted grout body.
  • No electrical conductivity and good thermal insulation.
  • Lower maintenance cost and ease of cutting